Cellular Alarm Communication

Telguard Wireless Alarm Cell Backup System Image

Due to rapid advances in cellular technology, waht used to be mostly a backup transmission service has fast become the primary and most reliable alarm communication service. It reports all zones reliably and quickly and is securely located within the protected location.

The cost has become very affordable also as the initial price is now only $105 for the cellular unit and 7.95 a month for service which we use to pay the cellular provider.

It reports all zones to the central station in high speed format and comes with backup power. It is a UL listed product. Cell service is provided by a contracted cellular service by the central station for a monthly fee, providing that additional layer of security for your peace of mind.

Central Station Alarm Association Central Station 5 Diamond Award Winner Underwriter's Laboratories UL Certified Central Monitoring Station


  • Supports virtually all alarm formats using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.
  • Features RMR increasing two-way voice support and Telguard Interactive
  • Reduces install time by exclusively using the power and backup battery from the panel.
  • Power and dial capture over a single cable for greater flexibility.
  • Operates on 3G/4G networks, falls back to 2G (GSM) if a 3G/4G network is not available.
  • UL/ULC Listed